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Gifts for Newborns

Dipti is in the final stretch of her pregnancy and is overwhelmed with all the things she already has for baby #2 and all the things she may need again. Even though it hasn’t been that long, she feels like she can’t exactly remember what she did and didn’t use. Her friends recently threw her a gorgeous sprinkle shower and all her friends and family were in attendance! Since it was a surprise, we couldn’t really ask her what she needed for gifts so we had to wing it!

At this point, we all either know someone about to have a baby or are about to have a baby ourselves! There’s something in the air lately and babies are making appearances everywhere! Of course this puts those of us attending their baby showers or visiting the newborns in the tough position of finding the perfect gift! The three of us have been on both sides of the coin, purchasing and receiving gifts for our newborn kids and through the years and new babies, we’ve come up with the perfect gift guide for those who are not interested in getting gift cards! The biggest thing we’ve found when it comes to gift giving is whether it’s baby #1 or #2 – the parents and kids’ needs change significantly and it’s helpful to know what would be the perfect gift for each kid!

Baby #1 Gift Guide

1. BabyBjorn – there is no parent who doesn’t need help with it comes to carrying the little ones! These baby carriers are the best for mommy and daddy! They’re also super easy to put together and super safe!

2. Teethers – every baby needs teethers – whether they are using them for teething pain or just to play with and put in their mouths!

3. Activity Chair  – no parent can have enough of these. We’re always looking for things to keep the little ones busy and out of trouble and activity chairs are the best for both! Make sure to find ones that are not bulky like this one and soft so that baby doesn’t get hurt when they head butt it!

4. Moccasins – no parent will buy these for themselves but would love to have them! They’re on the pricey end and parents know how fast the kids are going to grow out of them so they don’t get them. But the cute little feet in these adorable shoes are just too much to take! The parents will love you for them!

5. Rattles – of course they’re annoying to have with all the noise they make, but as much as they annoy us, they entertain the kids that much more! No parent can have enough of these around – whether it be at home or for entertainment when they take baby out!

6. Books – SHORT books are key! We love love these Sandra Boynton books because they’re cute, funny, and the kids enjoy the imagery so much! Most of our kids have even memorized the words to them! They’re great for introducing words to the kids and having them practice!
7. Play Mat – tummy time is essential for every baby and a fun mat for this purpose would be a great gift. It can serve as entertainment for the baby and a shield from the floor for mommy!
8. Bumbo Chair – this chair is great for babies once they are able to hold their heads up without support. Once they are old enough to use it, it becomes a great way for them to stay off their back and for the parents to make sure they aren’t getting into anything crazy when they need a moment.

9. Muslin Car Seat Cover – even babies need some privacy when they are sleeping. This cute car seat cover provides stylish protection for a sleeping baby in a car seat from sun, bugs, wind or anything else that may wake them up.

10. Baby Shusher – back in the day, we used a white noise app on our phones or ipods for white noise when the baby needed it. It was usually a pain when we needed to use our cell phones. This shusher is a more convenient option for the purpose and is something maybe some parents may not splurge on.

Baby #2 Gift Guide

1. New teething toys – as much as parents want to recycle from the older kids, there are some things that baby needs new like teething toys! These get completely worn out with each kid and getting new ones is always helpful for second time parents!

2. Super Cute Socks – Sure the parents may have them from their older baby, but ask them how many PAIRS they have and they’ll give you another answer! We know we have about 30% pairs of socks from the older kids, so any new pairs for the newborns are super useful!

3. Gender Neutral Diaper Bag – maybe steer away from a traditional diaper bag and gift the parents a bag that both can wear since they’ll each have one bag on them. These bags are the perfect medium – while being super functional for babies’ things, they’re gender neutral so daddy can wear it and look kinda stylish at the same time!

4. Photo Shoot Session – We love capturing our kids growing up especially professionally! We can’t think of any parent who wouldn’t want to some professional shots of their family! Of course as parents we never think about these things because we have a million other things on our plate, but a gift to a photo session may force them to make the time to do it!

5. Personalized Gifts – these are a sure fire hit! For the summer months you can get personalized beach towels and for winter months you can get personalized towel wraps.

6. Monogrammed Baby PJs  – cute little personalized PJs with hand and foot covers are a great gift and babies can never have too many. As for the second baby, he/she will most likely get the hand me downs, so a few fresh piece catered for just themselves is special.

7. Bib and Spoon Set – piggybacking on the pass me downs, baby #2 usually gets the slightly worn cutlery and bibs from their older siblings. It would also be a nice treat to have a fresh set ready for this little one when he/she is ready to start solids.

8. Something for Mommy – for the second shower, it is always to think of Mommy for this time around. A gift like a massage, manicure/pedicure or even a knew shawl to add to her wardrobe.

Gifts to Avoid

1. Nursery decor – this is so personal to each parent and child. Every gift we’ve gotten for nursery decor usually takes a seat in a box somewhere with the intention of using it one day, but ultimately never makes it out. Try to avoid getting gifts that would end up in a box!!

2. Anything nursing related (pillows, body covers, clothes, etc.) – we’re sure you’ve read our stories about the trials and tribulations of nursing. This topic is also super personal to new moms whether it be their first child or fifth! Try to avoid getting gifts that would make the mom feel pressured or uncomfortable about her decision about how she wants to nurse the baby!

3. Loud Toys – sure babies love them, but parents hate them! Try avoiding these to keep the peace in the house. Rattles versus mini drum sets – think it through!

4. Bulky Toys – there is nothing worse than having toys that don’t fit anywhere! Big fluffy bears that shed and can’t be hidden are the last thing parents want to worry about as they welcome kids and all of their stuff into the house!

5. Car Seats – these are also very personal. Parents usually have a preference of which style, color, brand they want so unless its on a registry, we steer clear of this gift.

6. Lotions/Shampoos/etc. – every parents is particular to the toiletries that they want to use for their own children. Some are more lenient than others, however, this is a gift that should usually be avoided as you never know the extent to what the parents preferences are.

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