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Nina & Neals 10 Year Anniversary Trip – Planning Phase

Being married 10 years to some may not be a big deal (especially when they are approaching 20/30/even 40 years of marriage); however for us, we feel like it’s a big milestone and one that should definitely be celebrated. It marks the accomplishment of love, companionship, compromise, understanding, and the solidification of building a forever with someone that means the world to you. It also looks back at so many accomplishments couples have achieved and gives a glimpse of how many more there are to come.

Nina and Neal’s 10 year marriage anniversary is just around the corner and they have been going back and forth in terms of what they want to do to celebrate! They want it to be special and something they will remember forever. The first thing they have to decide is whether or not they would take the kids. They love spending time with them away from home but also wanted it to be a special couple trip free from any kid restrictions. Other things they have to consider are what time of the year and where/what activities?! So many things to think about! Below are a few of the options that they are contemplating… stay tuned to see an update of what they chose to do!!!

Option 1:


This is on the bucket list for the both of them. Bali is half way across the world and full of amazing scenery, relaxation, and pure bliss. With this destination, they would not take the kids due to the sheer nature of having them on a plane for that long and then dietary restrictions on the other end. In terms of time of year, May to September is the busiest time which means lots of tourists. Nina has always wanted to stay in one of those huts in the middle of the water – and what better place can you do that?

Option 2:


Neal has been to Amsterdam multiple times and he loves it there! He really wants to take Nina there as there is so much history and culture. Nina is loving the idea of bike rides and strolls through the town, eating at mom and pop restaurants and taking in the culture. They would also love to visit the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh Museum. Oh and not to mention the tulips! So pretty. They are torn whether or not they would take the kids on this trip. They have been that far on a plane in the past, but just unsure of how veggie kid friendly the town is.

Option 3:


Many of our friends have recently been going to Cuba. Nina’s boss has been many times on medical missions, so she had some insight as to how beautiful and cultured it is there. Neal and Nina love enjoying different cultures, exploring local towns and their residents and taking in the authenticity of a city so this would be an amazing place to do that! The fact that Cuba has just recently been opened up to the US is very intriguing. There are some rules when visiting Cuba in terms of what you have to do in order to get your stamp to get back into the country, but there are ways to do it. Nina is against taking the kids on this trip from a safety standpoint and the newness of the city and what limitations it may have with kids.

Option 4:


Another place Neal and Nina have never been and has always been on the “to go” to list. Sheena and Dipti have been there, Sheena as recently as a couple of months ago with the kids. At the moment we have family that live there, so it would be amazing to experience the culture and Dubai life from a locals perspective. The desert sand, the adventure parks, the beaches, the food and the culture. It would be amazing to see how “out of this world” everything is there in comparison to where we live. This is a trip that they definitely want to take the kids too as there is SO MUCH for them to do/see and she hasn’t stopped listening to how much Sheena’s boys enjoyed it.

Option 5:


A “local” less intense, more relaxing, trip would be Napa. Wine tasting, bike riding, vineyard hopping and relaxed locals with great food. How can you go wrong?! Neal and Nina had been to Napa a few years back which is when Nina began drinking red wine. Now that she has developed an affinity for it, they would love to go back and just do 2-3 vineyards and really enjoy and take it all in. Some of their favorites from their last visit were Darioush, Cake Bread and Del Dotto. They have gone back and forth about bringing kids on this vacation, but likely won’t because there will be drinking and they do not plan to wake up at 5:55am every day :). This trip could turn into a possible drive up and down the coast, but that is still in discussion.

Stay tuned to find out what they end up doing! Either way, they are excited to be celebrating 10 years of marriage and are sure wherever they choose, it will be amazing!

P.S. Remember when Sheena and Samir celebrated their 10 year anniversary

6 Comments on “Nina & Neals 10 Year Anniversary Trip – Planning Phase

  1. We did Italy for ours – with the kids (2,6). We stayed in Florence and Venice as our home base and did day trips to other little towns. Traveling by train was so easy for us and fun for the kids. Our favorite part was our day in Lucca. For our anniversary, we splurged on a private bike tour and has the best time riding under and on the city walls, and around the little alleys within the town, with the kids on our bikes. We loved Lucca!

    1. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Hopefully we will be able to get there in the near future! xo

  2. Vinit shah says:

    Ketki and I are celebrating our 10th this year as well and we heading to Bali .. so there you go

  3. Why is Singapore not on this list!?

    Also if you want reeeeally gorgeous water villas with aqua blue waters, then Maldives is a better option 🙂

    Enjoy wherever you decide!

    1. Singapore will hopefully happen soon! Sheena raves about it! Thanks for the Maldives tip!

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