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Gharchola Remake



With wedding season in full gear, we thought we would share one of our favorite wedding ideas with you! A traditional gift the bride received from the groom’s family in an Indian wedding is a Gharchola Sari (a Rajisthani style sari patterned with checks and bandhni designs). All three of us received this type of sari from our mother-in-laws and although they are absolutely gorgeous, they don’t lend themselves to “re-wearing” for other events. Sheena & Dipti, being married into a Kutchi family (a family that is originally from the region of Kutch), by tradition wear this sari to family weddings that they attend from the groom’s side. In trying to keep with the tradition but also make a unique look out of our gharcholas, Sheena “re-made” her sari into something more her style. Check out her Gharchola remake and share your thoughts on her version below.




8 Comments on “Gharchola Remake

  1. do you have that Tailor in Mumbai’s phone number or address for me to contact?

  2. What was the before photo?

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a before image, as we never wore it before we re-made it into this version. The before sari, however, was a full sari of the red part that you see in the pictures above (the gharchola part).

      1. Hi- I am looking to get my maroon garchola remade to look more modern and I wanted to know if you can send me the contact of the person who did yours in Mumbai. It looks very prettty!

  3. says:

    lovely.. i like the idea.. but i feel some are difficult to change around. my outfit is made in such a way that i have to see how i can remake. do they re-make in US like this? if so where?

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Thank you! We actually had it remade in India. We have not yet found a tailor locally but are working on finding some we can share with our readers. In any event, we would love to send you our designers contact in Bombay if you are interested.

      1. I would love to get your designers contact info in Bombay. Much appreciated…thank you.

      2. I absolutely love this style.
        Can you please share the information of the person in Mumbai who does this.
        I might wanna try on my next visit

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