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Garba – The Music!


It’s almost here, and what better way to get pumped than to indulge in some awesome garba music! Navratri is a special holiday, not only for the garba and dhandiya, the celebrations and the dressing up, but because it is a holiday which means something more. “Nava” meaning nine and “ratri” meaning nights, is literally 9 nights we devote to worshipping the Indian goddess Durga.

As we have mentioned over and over again this past month, one of our favorite parts of the Navratri season is the MUSIC! We grew up going to garba our whole lives (especially living in Edison, NJ – where garba season lasts for 3 weekends) and loved listening to the amazing music of our “gaon.” Of course we love that Bollywood is embracing the tradition with some greats songs like Dholi Taro Dhol and Dhol Baaje, but nothing beats the old school proper Garba songs. These are the songs that define garba for us – dhoriyu and “7-step” come to life with these songs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Here’s to swinging into full gear for Navratri season starting tomorrow! If you are in the NJ area and attending any local garbas, be sure to look out for us and say hello! Follow us on Instagram (Sheena, Nina & Dipti) to see where we are headed and of course what we are wearing! (Click the image for a link to the song)…ENJOY!!!

          garbasong1               garbasong2  garbasong5

garbasong3             garbasong4                garbasong6

garbasong7              garbasong8                 garbasong9

garbasong10                garbasong11                garbasong12

garbasong15               garbasong13               garbasong14

We also wanted to share a Raas-Garba dance we did for Nina and Neal’s Wedding Garba with some great friends…It was 7 years ago and it never gets old watching it! Check it out here….

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