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Garba Fusion


Happy Navratri to all of our lovely followers! In true Runways & Rattles fashion, we are mixing it up Navratri style! With all these chaniya choli posts (traditional, modern and an in-betweeny) we thought it was about time to bring in a fusion look! We wanted to jazz up a traditional chaniya choli with a modern/fusion touch. Sheena had this chaniya choli made for Dipti’s wedding garba and it has been sitting in her closet since then (4 years)! It was about time to take this stunner out and of course we did with a bang! We paired it with staples that we already had in our closet and are showing how to wear this choli 5 different ways.


The original chaniya choli was designed and created by our designer in India. She is phenomenal at what she does and we are so lucky to have found her. She has always made our custom clothing because we are so picky in what we like and want it to be original.


We got this gorgeous pleated maxi skirt (from Urban Outfitters) that has amazing length and has an insane amount of flare (exactly what we need to be comfortable while in our dancing shoes). We recreated it by replacing the traditional skirt of the chaniya choli with this skirt and adding the chundri to keep the tradition.


Take the chundri off and you’ve got yourself a brand new look! Keeping the chundri always depends on what mood we’re in – a little risk goes a long way as you know! So this version is without the chundri. It is for those ladies who are not huge fans of the chundri flying around while they are dancing.


This super modern look was created by pairing the chaniya choli skirt with an ultra modern black, leather crop top to make it more fusion. In this we are leaning towards the ultra modern end of the spectrum, but having so much fun doing so.


And as you can see here, all pieces of this puzzle are usable with each other. Here is your evening out with those same pieces. Take the black skirt and a cute top and you are ready to paint the town! Make sure to leave those accessories on always, as they are also what makes or breaks your ensamble.

These looks are made for every type of woman out there – the modern fashionista, the mommy who doesn’t want a chundri flying around, the more traditional ladies who also like to change it up once in a while…there are no restrictions!

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