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Garba Mix


Here in the US, especially NJ, we celebrate Navratri on the weekends since that is usually when people can make it out to the events. This year, the three of us had a tough time getting to garba between the kids, weddings, and birthdays (the usual). For Dipti, missing garba is heartbreaking since she had literally grown up going every single weekend. She still remembers falling asleep on the bleachers as a toddler while her parents and sisters stayed up till wee hours playing. But as the years went by and work and kids and hubby started taking priority, she tried to make it a point to go at least one or two events every Navratri season.  This year, unlike every other year where she loves to keep her outfit traditional and colorful, she went with something a little more modern and monochrome.


She decided to go with the skirt of a traditional chanya choli because she wanted the flaring aspect as she twirled around. Instead of wearing the blouse that came with the skirt, she opted for a long punjabi top that had high slits to allow for free flowing movement. You guys have seen us do this before, where we substitute punjabi tops for blouses and it’s because it’s such an easy way to change up the look up of an outfit you’ve worn before! All you have to do is find a color in common with the top and bottom. You can also do contrasting colors which works just as well. It’s such an easy way to have a brand new outfit without breaking the bank and buying new things every season!






Remember when we put these punjabi tops with saris? How about Nina’s scorching hot fusion garba look? And while you’re browsing through the blog, here are some garba tunes to get pumped!