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Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – The Big Day


When: Month 9!!!

Well, Bobo seems to be super comfortable in my belly as the doctor has told us that he has shown no signs of wanting to come out! He’s been kicking like a mad man but hasn’t dropped at all to give me any hint of when he’ll be ready! He’s measuring at 6.5 pounds which doc is saying is perfect for pushing IF he drops!


As you guys know, I have 4 really good friends who I had the pleasure of being preggo with! We’ve shared all the ups and downs of pregnancy which has been so amazing to go through.  Well, the first two delivered at 37 weeks! They both had beautiful healthy babies by natural birth. Naturally that got my anxiety levels up! I thought maybe Bobo and I would follow in their footsteps but at 40 weeks, I’ve come to terms that Bobo and I are going to have a different experience.  Doc had told me a million different things to get Bobo to drop – walk, bounce on a medicine ball, eat pineapple, walk, get a pedicure, be intimate, and walk more. One week later and nothing. So we’ve officially been scheduled for a c-section. I had made peace with a C early in my pregnancy since both of my sisters had them and my pregnancy looked very much like theirs.


Baby Daddy has been God sent to me. Of course as the day has gotten closer I have been a hot mess. He’s been such an amazing support, reminding me that at the end of the labor process we’ll have a beautiful baby boy to take home with us. He also has been dealing with my obsessiveness to get the house ready for Bobo. He unpacked and assembled a set of 8 dining room chairs which he then took apart and returned too. Meanwhile, Sheena and Samir decided to take a “babymoon” to mexico in honor of Bobo. They figured this is the last break they will get because the in-laws will be helping with Bobo and they will loose their babysitters. A little dramatic, isn’t it? Lol! The rest of the family is pretty calm as this is number 6 on the Vaid side and 4 on the Dedhia – so they’re pretty much pros!


I have to be honest, I have not made even the slightest effort with fashion lately.  I’ve been focused on comfort when it comes to all the walking required of me! Since I am officially on maternity leave I’ve been living in maxi dresses at home and leggings and sweaters if I have to step out in the frigid cold!


2/19/2015 Update: TODAY IS BOBO’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Well, a lot happened since writing this pregnancy diary… On Tuesday the 17th we had a doctor’s appointment where she was going to check how far Bobo came down and if my body was preparing for labor. Turned out he had no plans on making his way down and my body had no intention of going through labor. After a few screenings my doc made the official call and scheduled me for a c-section scheduled today (Thursday, 2/19). My head and heart were torn. I knew a C was a very big possibility seeing as my sisters both had them with all the kids and my pregnancy was looking very much like theirs. But on the other hand I had fantasized about going to labor and through natural birth that at this point a C was kind of disappointing. But of course Sheena and Nina have been so incredibly supportive in preparing me and making me understand that it’s all about Bobo getting here in the safest, healthiest way so a C it is! Last night I was walking around my house trying to think of what else I need to do to prepare for Bobo’s arrival home but everything seems to be done (and what’s not we’ll just have to play by ear). I definitely am a mix of fear, anxiety, and excitement! I can’t wait to see his beautiful face but I also loved just want one more night of quiet. Baby daddy hasn’t had the “oh crap” moment quite yet but I feel it coming. We are off to bring this beautiful baby boy into the world, please wish us luck and stay tuned to meet this little stud!

As my pregnancy diaries come to an end, I want to thank everyone for all the love and support you all have given to Bobo, Baby Daddy, me and the fam! We’ll be back with our next chapter as we go through trials and tribulations when it comes to raising our little munchkin! We hope you tune in!

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