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Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – 36 Weeks

When: Month 8

Well, at 5.5 pounds Bobo has officially run out of space in my belly! He is approximately 18 inches tall – though I have my doubts based on his genetics! He now pokes out of every part of my belly – just now I found either his knee or elbow popping out of the right side near my hip! (I have no idea how people know what part of the baby’s body is where – this guy turns positions all day long!) Poor guy is probably ready to come out – too bad mommy and daddy are NOT ready for him to get here!



I have definitely slowed down significantly these past few weeks.  I find myself huffing and puffing by the time I get upstairs to our room every day.  I try to climb them 4-5 times a day to get my heart rate up, but now it feels like a real struggle. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that we started the nursery this month! Nina did a huge part helping as did Baby Daddy. I had a very very simple vision in mind and though Nina wasn’t too fond of it, she let me have it the way I want! It’s a “choo choo train” theme with nothing that looks like Thomas the Engine because his face freaks me out. Keep checking Insta and the blog to see the final product!  We also started packing our hospital bag (which was a whole new feeling of anxiety) and signed up for cord blood (controversial, but since the siblings had done it, it was more a guilt thing than an educated decision thing).


My parents and in-laws both took their big trips this month to get all their travel out of the way in time for Bobo’s arrival – so smart! Sheena and her hubby are planning their last vacation before our in-laws are bound to my house with Bobo.  Nina has been helping me organize the house and get my mind around all the things we got as hand me downs and all the new things from the shower (I’ll be sharing those items as well in a post coming up!)! The kiddies are getting as impatient as ever! They even ask with a frustrated tone whether or not Bobo is out of my belly yet! I don’t know how much I want Bobo hanging out with these munchkins with attitudes! LOL!


It is all about comfort these days.  The wardrobe has shrunken down to a handful of essentials like my Motherhood Maternity leggings, my Old Navy tights that go under all of my work dresses, my ASOS wellies, and, ready to gag…, my UGGs (I know I know, but they are the only things that fit my swollen feet besides the wellies!). I also got a pair of jeans from Motherhood Maternity that are so comfortable so I wear those on casual Fridays! Night time has become a trial and error session for me as nothing seems to make me comfortable. I’ve been through my pajamas, my husband’s and my dad’s – above is a picture of a pair I finally found in Baby Daddy’s stash! I’ve now realized that it might not be what I’m wearing but the fact that Bobo is so big, laying down isn’t the most comfortable position to be in. Luckily all baby showers and birthday parties and weddings are over so there is no longer that dreaded fear of getting dressed in fancy stuff – because lets be serious, that is NOT happening.


As we head into our last month together follow me on Instagram @therealdipti to see how Bobo, Baby Daddy and I are preparing for the big day! We might get one more pregnancy diary entry in right at the end, but in case Bobo decides to make an early appearance, check out Insta to see how everything is going!  And again, thanks everyone for all the love and support you’ve shown us through these months – Bobo, Baby Daddy and I are lucky to have you all!


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