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Dipti’s Maternity Shoot


In celebration of our 1 Year Anniversary since we started Runways & Rattles – The Blog we want to take this opportunity to express how appreciative and humbled we are by the response we have gotten from all of you. Your support and love has carried us through this year and will continue to do so for years to come.

The most incredible and ahhhh-mazing thing that has happened to us this year is the arrival of Bobo. We have shared Dipti’s pregnancy diaries with you all throughout the past 8 months and today we wanted to share a very special maternity shoot Dipti & Sachin did with their little bundle of joy. The photo shoot was out of this world and just tripled the excitement we are all feeling.


Dipti had a vision in mind that was very particular. After seeing Sheena & Nina’s maternity shoots (a glimpse below), she knew she wanted something very different and more up her alley. She wanted something edgy, romantic and sexy – all wrapped into one. She knew it would take a very special photographer to capture the intense love her and Baby Daddy were feeling for Bobo.


Both parents have never really been fans of the norm, so when it came time to picking a look for the photo shoot, they collaborated with their new obsession, Ed Zorz – the photographer. As you all know, Dipti did not have an easy time picking a dress for the baby shower and ended up with two – a elegant white gown and a chic, pleated green dress.  Ed fell in love with the white gown and immediately thought glamour, classy, vintage – 3 words that perfectly described the parents’ vision for the shoot.


The shoot was like something out of a movie! Everything from the studio space to the poses to the direction given by Ed was something Dipti had been dying to experience and made her feel like a Hollywood starlet! Baby Daddy couldn’t be happier to see that Dipti was finally getting her chance to bring out that inner diva! He secretly had just as great of a time shooting his little family that is very soon to come!


A special special Thank You to Zorz Studios for making this experience everything Dipti and Sachin wanted it to be!

Here’s our little “way back Wednesday” for you guys…a glimpse at what a maternity shoot used to be!


One comment on “Dipti’s Maternity Shoot

  1. Thank you for your kindest feedback, sisters! There are several wonderful ways to reflect on the beauty of pregnancy and I love the candid, soft, natural one; it will always have a strong calling and well-deserved place in the art of family portraiture. I offer that gentle style but have to admit that being a commercial photographer, I am always drawn to taking a more fashion-oriented, dramatic approach. I am so happy that this niche met Dipti’s vision perfectly! 🙂

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