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Always in Three’s


Wedding season is one of our favorite times of the year – it gets our creative juices flowing and gives us a reason to shake things up in our wardrobes. Recently, Sheena went digging in her Indian wardrobe and came across these cute kaftan-inspired outfits that she bought from the store Seasons in Mumbai, India years ago. Of course back then, Mommy Vaid would only let us buy something if we got it for all 3 of us so you’ll find that we have a lot of things in sets of 3!  Now that the kaftan is making its way back onto the runway, we thought we would share the look with all you future brides/bridesmaids.  The kaftan is a great way to get a little different from the usual sari or lengha! Isn’t it such a traditional yet trendy look for the girls to walk down in?






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