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Where We Get Our Info

In a world of media, it is impossible to stay away from any given source as it is everywhere! Growing up, things were very different for the three of us. We found out about world news from our dad who used to read the morning paper; we found out about celebrity news through Stardust magazines that used to come to the store, and we found out about local news through word of mouth. Television and media were not a huge part of our childhood, which is the complete opposite of life nowadays. Between television, social media, the internet, the radio and whatever else is out there, no one can escape being exposed to what is happening all around us, locally and worldwide! So where are the three of us looking to get our dose of what is going on…


Since marrying Samir, Sheena has realized that she has been living in a bubble. World news, politics, the stock market and sports news never really lived in her universe until now. Samir is a hard core news buff (all kinds of news) and it is always on the TV in the background when Samir is home. Sometimes she will tune in and sometimes she will ignore it. However, because of his passion and desire to discuss the news, she is able to not only keep up but also develop an interest in it (sometimes) and then go back to doing her own thing. Sheena also can not live without her gossip news. Her way to unwind after a long day with her three boys and hubby is to sit down with an Us Weekly and read about what the stars are up to. It’s also a great way for her to find out what’s trending in terms of fashion and what the celebrity moms are doing to stay fit! When she’s running around in the morning, trying to get everyone out the door, she usually has her trusty Good Morning America on in the background. It has a good mix of the serious and fun news of the world. This gives her her daily dose of reality right before she walks out the door. Sheena is a total social media buff, she loves to keep up with friends and long distance family by browsing through her feeds and also comes across a lot of her news this way as well. Isn’t everyone and anyone posting everything and anything on social media these days? Well, she is reaping the benefits and keeping up as these article/comments are posted daily.

Remember that time when Princess Kate was pregnant with the now Price Harry?? Well, in our family group chat (which includes a bunch of our family in London), she was the first to announce it before even the Brits knew – and it was all thanks to Us Weekly!! Yes, they are a crazy way to learn of world happenings, but they are legit and she stands by them!


Nina usually relies on her hubby to tell her all the crazy stuff going on and then goes back to living her life, praying that her family stays safe from it all. But when she does feel like tuning in, she turns to Google news to give her a brief rundown of local and worldwide happenings. When it comes to celebrity gossip, she refers to Pinkvilla for celebrity news and High Heel Confidential for fashion news. For Hollywood news she refers to Sheena :). As a pediatric nurse practitioner, she relies heavily on the AAP site for up to date information for all the kids. She also visits once in a while because it relays information in laymen terms. Sometimes it is easier to have the watered down version over the academic version, especially when she is trying to explain things to the rest of us.


Dipti once downloaded the CNN app on her iphone to watch a debate and now can’t seem to live without it. The app automatically sends her tiny notifications on big headlines from around the world and it’s the perfect dose of news that Dipti needs. Her hubby loves to read the news so this app keeps her involved in their conversations. When it comes time to get her gossip fix, she is all about Instagram! She follows People Magazine, Us Weekly, Pinkvilla, and InstantBollywood for all her favorite stories. When it comes to Diav, Dipti relies a lot on other mommies. For that reason, she loves reading baby center threads on what mommies have done in a certain scenario. It’s always helpful knowing that at least one other parent went through something you did!

What are you all reading/following to get your news? Anything we need to be on?!

Remember when Diav had Hand Foot Mouth? Baby Center really helped Dipti then! And who else is loving the chill in the weather?