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A Raksha Bandhan Sanskriti Box – Discount Code Inside


Birchbox – Indian style?!? Yes, please!

As 1st generation Indian-Americans we strive to keep a real connection to our roots but at the same time sometimes see such a disconnect. On the one hand, growing up with parents who are very much involved our Indian culture, we’ve learned so much about it and continue to as they try to impart more of it on us. Of course, growing up in Edison, NJ with parents in the South Asian business world, we were constantly pushed to maintain and practice the traditions of our heritage. Along with what the parents taught us, the three of us have a passion to keep learning beyond that foundation and try to expose ourselves to as much Indian culture as we can.

With that being said, our kids, on the other hand, don’t have as much of that daily experience as we did. We try to teach them as much as we can but see ourselves lacking in information to be able to answer their many questions. We find ourselves wishing we knew the right way to instill those cultural nuances into their lives, but somehow fall short in keeping their attention. Fortunately, there are amazing companies figuring this out for us and giving us the opportunity at our doorsteps (literally) to expose our children to our culture through ways that the kids enjoy.

One such company that does this is Sanskriti Box!

What is Sanskriti Box? It’s a monthly subscription box and your child’s surprise gift into culture and tradition. Every month Sanskriti Box delivers a beautifully packaged box with children’s storybooks and activities from South Asia’s vibrant culture for a family learning experience.


Sheena recently indulged in the Raksha Bandhan box with her boys. At first, she thought this was going to be a 10 minute activity that one of the boys would do and push aside since it didn’t have superhero characters, toy trucks, or legos included. Fortunately for her, her expectations were completely off. At first only one of the boys was curious to open the box (again because the other two were looking for a lego set) and once opened, he started fishing through the box and actually reading the cards and instructions.


The other two boys came running over as soon as paint, crafts, book and COOKIES were mentioned. As soon as they unraveled everything, the first thing they took to was painting the frame and decorating it with their own flare. Mommy was not allowed to guide or touch it. It was cute to see all three of them giving input into how they wanted to decorate the frame. They carefully read the directions and got started.



As they were taking turns to paint parts of the frame, they were also rotating in setting up the rest of the fun crafts included in the box.



READING! What more does Mommy want than to see her kids reading books? As the paint was drying on their frame, the twins (6yo) took one book each and started reading and the little guy chomped on the cookies! Mommy and Daddy were happy to see all three of the boys so interested and intrigued in the culture and tradition of Rakhi. All the questions, curiosity, passion and fun the boys delivered filled our hearts. We always think about how fun it would be for the kids to have this exposure but never get our ducks in a row to actually put together something like this for them to learn from. It is nice that Sanskriti Box is doing the hard part and the families get to enjoy the benefits.


Take a look at what the kids did ALL BY THEMSELVES! Mommy was floored, Daddy was impressed, and the boys were excited. Each of them fought about who was going to put the finished product on their desk! Needless to say, Mommy won and kept it on the kitchen window sill. We are so glad we got to share this family experience together, that by far, exceeded our expectations.

As a thank you for sharing our honest opinion, Sanskriti Box is offering the readers of Runways & Rattles a 15% off discount at checkout for your box using code RAR2016. Use this link to purchase and your discount code will automatically be added. Another great feature that we mommies of multiples love, when you sign up for a box, you are able to chose 1-4 kids to decide how many craft kits and charms your family wants ($5 more each). This way each kid is happy and there is no fighting – hallelujah! There is no better way to expose our kids to the festival of lights than through Sanskriti Box’s way.

To learn more about who they are, what they do and how they do it, visit them at Sanskriti Box. They share the details of how is works, what’s inside the Diwali Box and the different boxes they offer. They start shipping their Diwali boxes out on the 10th of October and have limited quantities, so get your orders in today! There is truly something for everyone at Sanskriti Box.

Remember to share your finished projects with us as the kids unravel them, we would love to see what they come up with. We will be posting our kids masterpieces as well on Instagram and Facebook, be sure to check them out. Tag #runwaysandrattles and #sanskritibox!

PS..Here’s a tiny glimpse into our Raksha Bandhan this year…



This review of Sanskriti Box is a completely honest review as we want to stay true and fair with the way we judge any product/experience. Thank you to Sanskriti Box for pushing us to give this a try and opening our eyes to seeing how beneficial this is for all.