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The Woman’s Kediyu/Peplum


No idea what we’re talking about? Kediyus are traditional tops for men usually worn during garba (google it, you’ll find a million pictures)! Well, Dipti’s recent trip to India involved finding one for herself! Of course, go figure that Dipti wants to find something everyone said “women do not wear.” She was willing to make a few adjustments to the top but wanted the basic look of it and thank goodness for India because she found it!


Her requirement for the “kediyu” was that it could be worn with a skirt, dhoti pants, simple Indian pants and/or even jeans! She knew the glam of it was in the top! She loved the vibrant bold color of the top and figured that since it is very similar in shape to a peplum top, it would work multifold. We did a peplum top with a sari here… and this top could probably do the trick too!



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