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The Versatile Kaftan


What can we say about this exquisite piece of clothing that isn’t said by these pictures? During Sheena’s recent trip to India, she stumbled upon these gorgeous kaftans and couldn’t help but get a few for all three of us.  Of course she couldn’t help but also feel like our friends would just gush over them and so she got a few more just in case! The beauty of the kaftans is their ability to be worn to a western event as well as an Indian event. Also, it can pretty much go on every body type out there (i.e. the pregnant versus non-pregnant looks).  It is so versatile in every way you can imagine that it’s almost an essential for your closet these days! And you know our love for cross-culture outfits – this was the perfect find for that!



The Pregnant Look:

The great thing about the kaftans is that, though they are meant to be loose and comfortable, they come with a tie inside so to give your body some shape.  Even with the pregnant look, it’s perfect for comfort but it also shows off the beautiful belly people are always wanting to get their hands on! Check out Dipti’s styling of the kaftan below.




Like what you see? Get in touch with us at for inquiries on purchasing your own Kaftan! We’re offering a special price ranging from $105 to $140! They are extremely limited in quantity so act fast!!!

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