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The Big Gender Reveal


Yes, Sheena and Dipti (along with the rest of the family) are still frustrated with the fact that Nina and Neal will not find out the gender of Baby #3! We are going bananas! Meanwhile we couldn’t help reminisce some great ways people have been revealing their baby’s gender – in hopes that maybe Nina will cave! Take a look…


Balloons in a Box

For this idea, ask your doctor to write the gender of the baby on a slip of paper and place in a sealed envelope. Then take the envelope with a packing box to a balloon store and have the shopkeeper fill the box with colored balloons of the baby’s gender (of course using a weight at the bottom)! Then the parents pick up the box, and either as a couple or with the whole family present – rip open the box and see all the balloons pop out of the box surprising everyone!!!


Again, gender sealed in an envelope. Take it to your favorite baker and have them either use colored filling in a cupcake or colored layers in a cake to match the gender… Pick up your sweet treat and at the baby shower or just on your own – take a bite into what is sure to be a sweet surprise!


Confetti Balloons

Again, gender sealed in an envelope. Then take the envelope to a balloon store and have the shopkeeper fill the balloon with gender colored confetti. Make sure to use opaque balloons so no one is cheating! And then take the balloon home and either outside, or down the stairs, or wherever you want – POP the balloons for a sprinkling surprise!

Blowing Balloons

This is one is, by far, our favorite! For this one, you take your sealed envelope to the shopkeeper and buy both pink and blue balloons (or whatever colors you want to use to reveal the gender). Tell the shopkeeper to poke a tiny hole in the balloons of the color that is not the baby’s gender. Then, at your gender reveal party, ask everyone to blow up all the balloons at the same time and watch their faces as the pink or blue balloon inflates while the other just won’t!


Push Up Confetti

This is a great way to make a huge splash in revealing the baby’s gender! You can buy the cans yourself if you know the gender already or have a friend order them! They’re a super fun and exciting way to find out what your little bundle of joy is going to be!


Pink or Blue Holi

Ah, another one of our favorites! Even though it’s definitely more messy than the others, it’s so cute and so fun, your family is going to love it! For a holi-inspired gender reveal, purchase either blue or pink colored powder and fill little cups to the rim. Give the cups out to your guests (with a promise to keep their eyes closed) and on 3 have everyone throw their holi in the air for a beautiful surprise!

Do you guys have fun gender reveals?! We’d love to hear how you did it!

3 Comments on “The Big Gender Reveal

  1. Nuzhat Naoreen says:

    Not fair. I read this post thinking you were going to reveal the gender lol!

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      I know! Sorry for the confusion! Soon enough soon enough 🙂

  2. Nuzhat Naoreen says:

    Not fair. I read this post thinking you were going to reveal the gender lol!!

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