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Happy New Year!!! It’s 2016 and winter has finally hit us hard! For a while, we thought this 70 degree weather was going to last all winter, but then the cold front made its way in! The only thing we love about cold weather is lazying around home with a hot cup of chai in our favorite cozy sweater. Dipti’s new “stay at home mom” status has given her so much more appreciation for comfy clothes – out go the suits and dresses and in come the sweaters and jeans! This winter season she found some great comfy sweaters that she just had to share with you guys!


This sweater is from her new favorite comfy clothes store – Old Navy! It was super affordable (so affordable that she bought it in a few colors) and though it tends to start pilling after a few wears, it’s totally worth it, especially when she has baby D drooling all over her all day long. This sweater does take a beating – good thing it was a bargain!


This second sweater was a bit of a search and you’ll never believe where she got it. Dipti saw this sweater on a recent Bollywood actress and instantly fell in love. She had been wanting a comfy sweater that she could wear out just as easily as bum in at home. She searched the web, asked her shopping expert friends, and ultimately ended up finding it in the most random store – Aeropostale! She loves the cold shoulder look and this sweater just does it perfectly! An added bonus…its on sale! Woot!


Finally, Dipti pretty much lives in these poncho sweaters! It’s the perfect top to throw over anything you’re wearing! And omgosh, is it comfortable!!!! It’s the perfect “laze around, don’t feel like doing anything” sweater! Here is a similar one to what she’s wearing.

Which one of these is your favorite?! Please do share any sweaters you are in love with this season.. especially now that the winter clearance sales are in full effect!

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