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Sun Kissed Cape


It’s hard to believe that with so many Indian weddings/events and so many females in our immediate family alone, we are able to keep our wardrobes in order. In true Vaid style, we wait until the day of the event to figure out what each of us is wearing and making sure we are not overlapping or thinking of wearing the same exact outfit as the other sister. We also run into the issue of sizing, we all wear different sizes, so needless to say, we always end up having to either take in or open up the pieces we are wearing because most likely one of the other girls has altered it the time before! It is quite the challenge, but no matter how much Mommy Vaid yells at us, we just never learn our lesson to start planning a few days in advance to avoid that scramble. Let’s just say…thank goodness for mixing and matching!

As you have noticed, we are completely digging these Indian inspired long, ball gown skirts! They are fancy, unique and make us feel glam all at the same time. This printed one is a pick of Dipti’s! She is all about subtle, printed and colorful, so she just couldn’t let this one sit on the rack during her recent trip to India. Of course the blouse that came with it was an extra extra small that Sheena was not even going to attempt fitting into. Thus, born was this pairing. This gorgeous high-low cape top was the perfect match for this skirt while keeping it classy. The stunning low V back and exposed arms makes this top a piece to remember. It is the perfect outfit for an event that will keep those eyes glued 🙂







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