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Salwar Kameez – Sari Mix


With so many weddings and events to attend this summer, we are really turning up our creativity meter! So this unique mix of our clothes has literally doubled our outfit potentials!!! As you see above, we are wearing the traditional sari look. Below you will see some of our favorite salwar kameez outfits… Put them together.. and two completely new looks!



Especially when we have our kids in tow, we can pin these saris up pretty well and hide it under the longer tops. This mix is great for post-pregnancy bodies as well, as it hides a lot of what we are not ready to bare. A super fun way to mix your outfits and pull off a formal look without investing in more clothes!


Just match the fabric (red option) or the embroidery/borders/threads (pink option) and create a look thats unique and trendy all in one! Don’t worry if it’s not an exact match, mismatched styles are all the rage these days. You can be as creative as you would like with this mix by draping your sari in many different fashions! Try it out and link to us on Instagram #runwaysandrattles so we can check out your new mix!




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