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Reception Comeback


With wedding season in full swing, it can be super hard to come up with fabulous new outfits every weekend! It’s even worse knowing you had bought the most gorgeous outfits for your own wedding events and seeing those clothes sit on the top most part of your closet.  Well ladies, grab that stool because we’re sharing how we re-purpose our wedding clothes to be able to wear them over and over again!  Dipti’s reception outfit was a stunner – a blingy coat on top of a huge poofy skirt (the one you saw here) that she could never wear to someone else’s event.  So she took the coat, put it on top of jeans and instantly made a trendy new outfit with clothes she already had in her closet! This look isn’t too over the top and can be worn to an Indian or Western event!  What do you think of this look? We want to see you wear your wedding clothes again! Send us a picture on twitter @RunwaysRattles or instagram the look and shout us out at @RunwaysRattles!!





{Originally worn here at Dipti’s reception}dip1


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  1. Few of my friends have decided to get a sari to match with their reception blouse. Great way to rewear part of your most prized outfits!

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