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Raising Diav – 6 Month Update



Someone recently said it perfectly: when you’re in it, it feels like time is going by so slowly but when you look back, you can’t believe how fast it all went by! Our baby D is 6 months old and already a little man! One of the fun parts of getting to this age are the little (but huge) milestones that D accomplishes. At first, Dipti and Daddy found themselves stressing over every little thing (i.e. “why isn’t he rolling yet?!”). Of course D being D, he rolled over when he had an audience of people watching him and cheering him on – not when it was just him and mommy – what’s the fun in that?! It took the parents a little while to realize that this kid was going to do everything on his own time and there was no amount of practice or baiting that would help make him do it sooner!


Life is all about pumping and getting as much sleep as possible for Dipti. Now that D is sleeping through the night, Dipti is finally able to function a little better! It also helps the whole pumping process – even though she still dreads it! Dipti also started working part time to keep her brain functioning! The first 5 months of being home with D were amazing and she loved every second, but she found herself craving conversations that didn’t involve poop, burps and diapers. Her new gig is a perfect balance of work and life and she couldn’t be happier with it! Having the support of all of D’s grandparents and his amazing Daddy is always a huge plus too!


Favorite Products

D had a little spout of eczema (or what Dipti was convinced was just a heat rash) around his creases (elbows, behind his knees, his neck, and chest). D’s doctor recommended hydrocortizone for 3 days which worked wonders! After that, the only thing that seemed to keep it under control was Aquaphor. Dipti and Sachin doused him with Aquaphor after every diaper change and even though his clothes were covered with it, it helped keep his skin from flaring up again. Having a baby in the summer is tough – the doctor recommend not using any cream or oil based bug repellant so we got Buggable Bands and put them around his ankle so he couldn’t get him in his mouth! Finally, we have a very very drooly baby – he soaks all of his clothes if he’s not wearing a bib. The bibs that we prefer and love are the water proof Carters bibs that soak in all of his drool without getting through to his clothes and eventually skin.

6 Month Surprises

All of his milestones have been surprises – he rolled over, started sitting, started babbling a ton, started growling (….) – all without any warning! He also started hysterically laughing, which the first time almost killed us all – it was the most amazing sound EVER. Another big surprise is how much Dipti and Sachin think about his poop/ talk about his poop/ pray for him to poop – will that ever end?! It also seems like D is starting to teeth so one of the fun surprises is how he thinks everything goes in his mouth – including Dipti’s face, Sachin’s hands, his Bhabu’s nose, and his Masi’s cheeks!

All in all, these last 6 months have really flown by. With all the obsessing Dipti and Sachin did over the little things, they are finally in a spot where they can thoroughly enjoy Baby D and his emerging personality… Next on the list – it’s time to bring on the solids… here we go!

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