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Raising Diav – 3 months



We can’t believe our little baby is already 3 months old! We swear we just brought him home the other day! These past 3 months have been a bunch of trials and tribulations to put it lightly. We have been working very hard to get our baby on a schedule – and he loves it as much as we do! Our schedule keeps us calm and collected but more importantly, he’s learned what to expect from his day already! A huge factor in this schedule was transitioning him to his own room – super tough on parents, didn’t make a difference in his life! But being in his own room helps us all sleep better which we would give anything for at this point! We’ve also been taking him out a lot more now that he’s had his 2 month shots. But taking him out also means exposing him to all the elements including sickness! He had his first bout of congestion and it was painful to go through mostly because he couldn’t breathe while drinking his bottle! We did all we could – which was only baby Vicks on his clothes and the ajmo potli in his crib. All in all, we made it through 3 months and feel like we may be getting a hang of this baby thing… Too bad he’ll go through a growth spurt any minute now and throw us all off!



Looks like c-section recovery might be coming to an end! My 6 week checkup went very well and my doc gave me the bad news that I can start working out “again.” Now that the weather is finally cooperating, Diav and I go on walks around the neighborhood to get some activity on my part. I have to be honest and thank the most effective way of losing weight – the dreaded act of pumping. Losing weight may be the biggest factor in continuing to pump and not giving up because I truly do hate it. I’ve learned to set small goals with pumping and that is the only way I’ve gotten through it thus far! And even though I’m back at my original weight, I can’t believe how much my body has changed – it’s a huge adjustment, both physically and mentally! Nothing is where it used to be and I hear it may never be! This bearing children thing really does leave a lasting impression on the bod! I also want to confess that, though I have 5 nieces and nephews who I spent every free moment with while they were growing up, it has surprised me how much I DON’T know. For example, I had no idea that I had to change the car seat harness levels for Diav as he got bigger, I had no idea that it was okay to let him sleep in short sleeves and shorts (yes, I was overdressing him for most of May), I had no idea that Vaseline pretty much cures every rash on his body, and that cutting his nails isn’t that hard! Thank goodness for his Bhabu and Masi or this mommy would be a hot mess!


Favorite Products

Currently as pumping takes over my life, my favorite product is the NUK Milk Storage Bags. I used to use the Medela ones but they don’t lay as flat as the NUK ones which is a huge space saver in my tiny freezer!  I’m also suffering from some major itchy skin around my scar area and the two things that have helped are Bio Oil (which you all already know my obsession with) and Lubriderm lotion. I’ve also been told that it helps to heal the scar which I will do anything to make that go faster!! Diav went through some dry skin action in the colder months and the transition to hot weather so we started massaging him with pure Almond Oil which has helped moisturize his gorgeous baby skin. Finally, now that it’s hot, Diav is not loving the thick swaddle blankets we used earlier. Thank goodness for these Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets! They are super thin but large enough to swaddle him tight at night and he loves them – though half way through the night his arms are wailing about out of the swaddle, it’s still effective for the first half of the night!


3 Month Surprises

As you all may remember, a few of our friends also had babies around the same time as us. Well, hanging out together just isn’t the same.  Our serious conversations revolve around things like “poop,” “burps,” “nipples,” and “farts.” It truly amazes me to see the guys go through such a transformation – instead of beer funnels and shots of <insert any type of liquor> they are holding bottles and smelly diapers! Another big surprise that my baby gave me recently was his beautiful SMILE! And now he doesn’t stop and my heart just melts every time! He recognizes Sach and I and every time he sees us he greets us with his huge smile – the best!!! I’ve also surprised myself because while I’m usually a clean freak, there is breast milk everywhere and I’m okay with it! It has made its way on my couches, every inch of my kitchen, my bed, and every piece of clothing I own. I’ve learned not to fight it and embrace the grossness until I’m done pumping.

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