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Raising Diav – 1 Month


Due to the love and support you all extended to Dipti and our family through Dipti’s pregnancy diaries, Dipti will be sharing her Raising Diav diaries on the blog! We’re kicking off the series with Diav’s 1 month birthday!


I can’t thank our stars enough for this child! He has been an angel this month! Of course it hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination but in comparison to raising Sheena’s twinnies, this kid is a piece of delicious cake! We’ve had our fair dosage of “new parent” problems – gas, dry skin, minor diaper rashes but according to Nurse Nina (or as we like to call her, “Mean Masi Nina” (a name that comes from poor Nina having to have to do all the dirty work like cutting their nails, suctioning their noses, checking their diaper areas for skin issues, etc)) all these things are completely normal and part of my munchkin growing up!



C-section recovery has been painful but has taken a backseat while feeding, burping, changing, and eating has come to the forefront. Feeding was a real struggle for me from the first day and ended up with me being an “exclusively pumping mom” which apparently is a thing! I am so grateful to have such an amazing support system with my MIL staying with me full time, my mom helping us out on the weekends, and my sisters answering all my silly questions! The decision to become an exclusively pumping mom was a difficult one but I’ve made peace with it as Diav is ultimately getting what he needs from mommy! I also love that daddy, “dadi” and “nani” get to bond with him over feeding him also – and the help to me is a huge plus too!


Favorite Products

With all that being said, of course my absolutely favorite product right now is my Medela In Style Advanced Pump! I would be a hot mess without it! Naturally as a new mommy diaper rash is my biggest concern and the product I depend on is A&D Ointment. Diav has been gaining a good amount of weight so needless to say we were out of “newborn” clothes after the first week. He currently loves his Mothercare clothes that were brought to him from London! Finally, the life saver of them all – the godiyu! Whenever Diav gets fussy or cranky mid sleep we put him in the godiyu and it works like a charm to put him back to sleep!


1 Month Surprises

I have one gassy baby! This last week Diav has been experiencing tummy pains due to gas and we’ve tried a million things to relieve it as per doctor’s and Mean Masi’s orders – change my diet (hardest part since I LOVE dairy, beans, and caffeine), leg and tummy exercises, gripe water, and fennel water. Another nice little surprise is that Diav loves to poop in freshly changed diapers only! We’ll go through the whole changing process, close him up, and then he’ll decide it’s the right time to give mommy a smelly present – the worst! We’ve also learned that he hates sleeping flat on his back (yes, this kid is already high maintenance)! We’ve started putting him on a slight incline in his pack n play and it has helped a ton! He also loves to cozy up to mommy and daddy so when he’s not attached to us, we put him down on his side and it helps to make him feel cozy still! And, while I knew this was going to be the case before Diav arrived, a tough surprise has been the cabin fever I’m starting to feel! I’ve been out of the house twice – once to get a haircut (much needed as I wasn’t allowed to for 9 months!) and to Target to get maxi dresses as that’s all that’s comfortable for a C-section recovery. Both times I was anxious about being away from my munchkin so it didn’t really help. But the best surprise of all is the many many faces of my love… Here is 5 seconds of Diav:


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  1. Hi girl. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I’m a new mom myself. Had my little girl in December. I wanted to know where you bought your godiyu (not sure if I’m spelling it right) from?

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes! And congrats to you too! I hope your little one is doing well! We ordered the godhiyu from India but we believe they’re sold at Subhlaxmi Grocers in Piscataway, NJ.

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