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Pretty In Pink


We (and our mom/mom in laws) all have these saris that we just KNOW we are never going to wear again in our wardrobes. Mommy Vaid has a ton of those and tries to pawn them off on us all the time. There was this one particular sari that we actually loved the print of but knew we wouldn’t wear as a sari. So, as you have seen throughout this blog, we repurposed it by having our tailor in India stitch a skirt out of it and add a nice border at the bottom. We also had her create a plain blouse that can be worn with the skirt and with jeans. Take a look through yours and your moms’ closets and see what fun and fresh material you come out with.





2 Comments on “Pretty In Pink

  1. such a cute skirt! looking great Nina!

  2. Brilliant idea and a gorgeous outfit! You ladies are awesome!

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