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Our Summer Sandals


Fortunately for us, there is no such thing as having too many shoes (unfortunate for our husbands)! When summer rolls around, we’re more than ready to throw those boots into storage and break out our favorite summer sandals! As usual, our picks for shoes are as different as can be! Sheena almost always finds a way to get new shoes every season, Nina wears the same shoes she’s been wearing for the past 30 years, and Dipti is somewhere in the middle of that. Check out our top sandal picks for this summer!


SheenaShoe Collage

I am loving the huarache style sandals this season! First and foremost, I love that they are full coverage with a lot of breathable room all over, so those feet stay nice and aired out. The look of these are so cute and the colors are gorgeous! Is it bad to buy the same shoe in multiple colors?? Oh and they are 50% off right now at Nordstrom!!!

My second pick is an oldie but goodie! I am a total flip flop person during those hot summer days. Dipti seems to think wearing flip flops is only for inside the house, but I love wearing them all the time. She gets crazy when I wear regular flip flops out, so these Tori Burch flip flops are a perfect replacement for those rubber flip flops (that I still throw on occasionally). They are a little more refined and can be dressed up or down.

Yes, I know, these aren’t sandals, but I am completely in love with these Vans Perforated Slip-On Sneakers for the spring/summer season! A sneaker is a must when on the go with kids all day, especially in the summer time. These awesome slip ons are perfect for just that. The perforated detail is also so fun, unique and again, very airy! Haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them! Love these!


nina sandals

The girls are not lying when they say that I can wear shoes until they fall apart. I have lots of shoes in my closet but I still seem to only wear a select few over and over. Hey I am the comfort queen remember! My first love are the Toms ‘Calypso’ Canvas Wedge. These shoes are so comfy and give my short self a little height when I need it. I find that I can wear these to work with a skirt or dress or with jeans on the weekend. And hey, Toms one for one doesn’t hurt either!

My second pair is a splurge I had made years ago, but still wear them all the time, especially on vacation. They are my Gucci ‘GG’ Logo Sandal. I actually scored these in black and love them. They are comfortable for being thong style, and I won’t lie, I feel pretty fancy when I do wear them! They are one of my 3 splurges since I started treating myself, so they are definitely special to me :).

Lastly, my dear Puma Zandy Ballet flats. Dip and Sheen have tried and tried and tried to make me throw these out, but I LOVE them. Uber comfortable, slip on, and black make them my most favorite shoe!! I literally could just wear these forever and I would be a happy bee. But I think my sisters would disown me, so I have had to ramp up my collection a bit (though I still always wear these). 😀


DipShoe Collage

You will almost never catch me wearing sandals in a thong style – I hate nothing more than the feeling of something between my toes! Unless they’re my Nike at-home flip flops, I will never spend a dime on thong flats. I do love flats though! My picks are pretty simple since I buy shoes I can wear all day and all night.

The VanEli Belita Cork Flat Sandal is my go-to sandal for every day. They’re super comfortable, last forever, and go with anything I wear! I did momentarily get over the “stud” look but these sandals are so cute that I don’t care! I have them in black, nude, and this colorful number!

My second pick are these Mango favs that I’d been eyeing for quite some time. They are so cute and really comfy too! They’re perfect for those days that turn into nights that turn into something you had no plan for – they don’t rip your toes apart and they look fabulous!

Finally, I loved the fringe fad in the Winter/Spring but somehow missed the boat on getting any shoes! I eyed one pair waiting for them to go on sale and by the time they did I was over them – ugh, I hate when that happens. So this Summer I needed to get my hands on some fringe flats and so I got these Kendall & Kylie fringe flats (don’t judge, they were on sale)! I don’t care if the fringe fad is on its way out, I love these flats and intend on wearing them always!

Which one of us do you most relate to? We find it funny that shoes are the one thing that we don’t share a SINGLE common factor in. None of us have anything that the other would want to borrow or buy the same of! Oh lord, Nina is getting some SERIOUS anxiety right now thinking about how many shoes are in her future!

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