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As part of our monthly roundup of inspiring links, we want to share some posts that we’ve been loving lately!

1. You you may know, Dipti is going through the most magical time in her life as she’s expecting her first baby this February. Well, being a diva when it comes to her wardrobe, she has been struggling with maintaining her fashion choices.  She recently found inspiration from Chriselle Lim who is a LA fashion blogger and expecting her first child herself! Check out this awesome post where she describes the challenges of dressing the bump!

2. We recently came upon this article written by model, Natasha Sharma, which we believe every woman – of color or not – should take a look at!

3. As the family gears up for Bobo’s arrival, we’ve taken to the internet to find ways to organize all of our houses for the newbie’s arrival! Check out this post by Two Twenty One on organizing a baby’s dresser!

4. We were recently featured by The Huffington Post and would like to share this article with those of you who missed it! We talk about the stark differences in the Indian versus American households when it comes to adult children moving back in with their parents.

5.  And for those moments when your knees get weak and your wallet hasn’t had too much wear and tear, we’re sharing our splurge of the month from Pernia’s Pop Up Shop! The entire Bhumika Sharma line has us swooning!

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