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Our Favorite Saree Blouse Designs


Wedding shopping season is coming up and Lakme Fashion Week just came to an end – what a perfect collision! Winter months are usually when brides start wedding shopping for their attire in either India or locally. The three of us went to India when we did our wedding shopping and realized how overwhelming that can be. From picking clothes, finishes, borders, etc, everything is customized to you and your needs. With that being said, we felt like we were always looking online and through catalogues for design inspirations, especially when it came to our saree blouse designs. So, we wanted to create one stop for you to get some inspiration for a saree blouse. The three of us are sharing our favorite saree blouses here and as usual, you can see how different our taste is!



In this long sleeve mirror blouse, I love the mirror work, it is such a traditional touch with modern taste. It is classy and unique all at the same time. Another look I love is a jacket blouse, it is definitely on the modern side and more for a fall/winter event, but it makes for a completely off the charts look. The kutchi work blouse is another favorite of mine, it has 100% guju style with a flare of color. I love that it can be paired with a simple sari to really make it stand out.

sheenablousegrid2I am obsessed with everything open back. This thread work blouse, with a long and completely open back is such a stylish look that leaves a lot for the imagination. That open back is everything! Another favorite is the beaded work on sheer material, it is chic and classy all in one. The work is so rich and the combination is amazing. A high neck blouse is something else that is so unique. It is filling and classic with a modern edge.


A lace blouse with this button detail all the way down the back is so gorgeous! It is subtle and the detail on it is such class. I also love this tunic turned blouse. It is casual, different and fun! It makes for something unique in the world of so many basic sari blouses. Last but not least, this long sleeve floral motif blouse is stunning. With a long torso and height, this blouse style is eye-catching in every way.



I love this floral fabric blouse, I really feel like the contrast in fabric with a plain or completely unique skirt can be dialed up with the use of patterns like this. I also love me a Chinese collar blouse, the regal feel you get with the embroidery covering your neckline is majestic! Last in this set is the sheer floral blouse. There is something captivating about using sheer fabric with overlaying patterns to give the appearance of it floating on your body. I


The first blouse concept in this set is a dress that JLo wore to an event. I actually had a wedding outfit recreated with this inspriration and let me tell you, it was phenomenal! The use of large stones to create bling is just incredible in this pattern. Another concept I love is using jhumars along your back, like in the middle blouse. Usually these hang on the side of your skirt, but adding them to the back of a blouse really makes the whole blouse pop! Lastly, I love this Payal Singhal blouse with one side with a long sleeve and one side sleeveless. It adds a unique balance but also a modern twist and something to make you take a second look! LOVE!


Blouses Collage Dipti

The first blouse is a favorite for unusual cuts – something I am a huge fan of! While I prefer something a little longer (c’mon, she just had a baby!), the cut of this blouse makes it one of my top picks. We all know my obsession with capes. We styled the cape on a long formal maxi dress and also casually on jeans. The cape is also perfect for a sari blouse! It’s so unique and is sure to make a standout look wherever worn! My eclectic style always puts me at extreme ends of the spectrum. This blouse is my favorite traditional work – polki! The mirror work always adds such dimension to anything and it’s perfect to wear with a plain sari to give the entire look some jazz.

Blouses Collage Dipti 2

I love this casual top (which almost looks like a crop top you could find at the mall) with a fancy sari – what a look! C’mon ladies, we can definitely take this and put on our own runways! Lakme’s got nothing on us! And then we go to the other end of the spectrum! Ah, gorgeous two layer halter with long sleeves and a train! Love love love it!  Finally, the last blouse is a style I have been aspiring to create myself! This blouse turned jacket top is just perfection!

So what do you think??? Are there any styles you love/hate? We know brides will be knocking it out of the ballpark next season, cannot wait to see what you all come out with!!!

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  1. kalpana Mehta says:

    Love all of them. .where can I get these stitched here?

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