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One Necklace – Two Looks


Do you have a pendant that you just love to wear??? Well here is a twist you can do to change it up and add some glam to your look. Nina is obsessed with wearing necklaces on her head because it adds so much to her outfit and changes the look of jewelry she already owns. The beauty is that you do not need to buy anything extra to have this look. Simply use a necklace and earring set you already have! For this style, Nina simply chose her favorite TriVa set, parted the front third of her hair in the middle and bobby pinned the chain to the back part of her hair, leaving that part brushed back so the pins stay. Be sure to use 2-3 bobby pins crossing over each other and the chain to ensure it stays put. TIP: With all this heat, your pendant may move around a lot with the sweat on your forehead. Wash and thoroughly dry that part of your forehead beforehand and use a little blue tack on the back of the pendant to keep it in place – as long as you don’t move it, it should stay put the whole day! A simple trick that our summer brides can use too!!!




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