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One Dress – Four Ways

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It is no secret that Nina loves to experiment with her wardrobe in ways Sheena and Dipti would never even imagine. Recently the trio attended an event where fashion was going to be on the radar. While Sheena and Dipti kept it simple, Nina decided to put together a great ensemble that we can’t get enough of! She pulled out this old Arden B dress she bought circa 2008 and added it over an Indian outfit bottom that she wore to Dipti’s Sangeet. Below are 3 more ways she utilized this same dress in fabulous ways!

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Leggings are our best friend! We love throwing leggings/tights under long tops because, let’s be real, we are not trying to juggle 6 kids and an uncooperative dress. Leggings are a safe bet and can pretty much compliment any top!


This is where Nina got risky and came out with the biggest reward! She realized that she had a skirt of an Indian outfit that had work on it that matched the same color of her dress (the dark teal color). She figured to put the two together just to see what it looked like, turns out it worked! It created a long anarkali look that seems to be trending these days. It was a definite hit at the party too as it was a twist that was still Indian inspired!

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Then as a fourth, traditional look, she added the “chundri” of the Indian outfit and re-purposed the dress as a blouse! It was much better than the original blouse which was just too traditional (and way too heavy) for the event we were attending. Not going to lie, she also doesn’t like baring her midsection, so this option makes sure that nothing will peak out while dancing or handling the kids!

It’s so fun to explore your closet like Nina did.The key is to find a dress that may have a color or two that match the Indian outfit you are trying to mix it with AND pick a dress that isnt SO poofy on the bottom half. Find a dress with a slightly lower waist line (or this or this) so that when you put a skirt or pants over it, it all sits in the right spot! We’d love to share in your creations so make sure to tag us with #runwaysandrattles!

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