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Mix, Match & Mingle




Stuck on what to wear to your next Indian event? Of course, you don’t want to repeat anything that has already been seen! Well, you are in the same boat as us three! We cringe at wearing the same outfit twice especially when it’s all over Facebook! So for the last wedding event we went to, we paired a pink skirt from one outfit with a black top from another outfit and were able to make a brand new look for the event. No need to rush to the store to buy a new outfit, let’s reuse and redesign what we already have!

There’s also pairing pieces from the outfits with jeans or a leather bomber jacket! Check out these looks as well!




3 Comments on “Mix, Match & Mingle

  1. Great looks! Creative as always =)

  2. I like the creativity in the outfits. Look forward to more posts

  3. These looks are great! Great job with the mixing and matching. You look fabulous as always.

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