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Indian Triplets


The best part about having twins?? You can dress them up the SAME – of course only until they have something to say about it! Well, since Sheena had Saiyan so quickly after her twins, the three of them were like triplets (they are in fact Irish triplets!). She loves dressing them up in matching outfits, especially when it comes to Indian clothes! Our cousin in India got these kurtas custom made for the boys. Aren’t they so fun?






You can find these kind of looks in most Indian shopping areas like Oak Tree Road in NJ, Jackson Heights in NY, Devon Rd in Chicago, Lilburn area near Atlanta, GA, Toronto in Canada, Ealing Road in Wembley UK, and of course Mumbai/Delhi and all parts of India.

One comment on “Indian Triplets

  1. Pooja Vaid says:

    my favourite post BY FAR! so freaking cute! <3

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