Indian Baby Swing


Mommy Vaid believes that the rocking motion of the ghodiyu (Indian Swing) soothes and relaxes our babies and puts them at ease by replicating the comfort and security of the womb. When Sheena’s twins were born, one of them had a BAD case of colic. She tried everything; holding, rocking, feeding, pacifier, etc. and nothing worked! Finally our mom suggested the ghodiyu. Sheena thought, no way, my child won’t be comfortable or worse, he might fall out. A month later, the crying was so bad, it came to a point where she was willing to try anything! She finally bought the ghoriyu and it was like magic. She put him in a tight swaddle, with some white noise and he was silent! It was safe, comfortable, and the perfect remedy! Since then, all of us have used this ghodiyu with all of the kids and it has been heaven!