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I do!



It is the sweetest compliment when our friends love our engagement and wedding rings… Mostly because our husbands went through quite the process in picking them out!  We’ve gotten a few requests to post our favorite ring styles and so we’ve come up with a few each… As you have seen throughout this entire blog, our choices are as different as can be! Give us your thoughts on our top choices and feel free to share your favorites as well!









Sheena’s Picks:

  1. Tiffany & Co.
  2. Michael B
  3. Harry Winston

Nina’s Picks:

  1. Hamilton Jewelers
  2. Duchess Kate Middleton’s Ring
  3. Grand Jewels of Wailea

Dipti’s Picks:

  1. Tacori
  2. TIffany & Co.
  3. Michael B


  1. Verragio (Sheena’s actual wedding band – therefore her pick!)
  2. Jewel Box (Nina’s pick)
  3. Verragio (Dipti’s pick)


Top Photo from Tiffany & Co.


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  1. Binny Patel says:

    Ohmygod I love this article!! You girls are awesome and I love all your rings/ expertise/ customization abilities. I would love to get in contact with someone regarding more information on Sheena’s picks? Particularly the Lucida depicted in her selection! 🙂

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