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Holiday Gift Guide, Adults – 2017

We can’t believe 2017 is almost over, but are so excited that our favorite time of the year is headed our way. Every year, we have a family tradition of hosting the Christmas Eve party at the Vaid house, where all the adults play white elephant gift exchange. You can only imagine what fun it is to have 50 uncles and aunties fighting over the same Tupperware set (thank goodness for the 3 steal rule or that would have gone on much longer last year.!) The greatest part is that the older we get the more our friend circles grow and more kids are added to the group. Between the three of us, we are a part of almost 15-20 different holiday parties/get togethers of which all play some variation of white elephant with all the adults. This year we broke down our gift guide by adults and kids (coming soon) and in different price brackets. Hopefully this will give you ideas that possibly didn’t cross your mind before. Happy shopping!!!

Holiday Gifts -> $25 and under

1. Mira Travel Water Bottle: $20 – We love this water bottle, it is chic, slim and fits into any diaper bag or backpack side pocket without a problem. It keeps our water nice and cold and looks pretty doing it. Bonus – the tops are nice and tight so there are no chances of leakage.

2. Soiree in Bottle Wine Aerator: $20 – Nina is a huge red wine lover and loves herself a great aerator. She is a huge fan of this one because she doesn’t have to pour the entire bottle into a decanter.

3. Bicycle Book Ends: $23 – Love the look of these cute book ends and they work to make a nice statement on our book shelves.

4. Eye Glasses Holder: $18 – Now that Nina and Dipti wear glasses, a fun holder is a nice addition to the home. They are leaving them all over the house and this holder keeps them in one place and makes it fun at the same time.

5. Desktop Charging Stand: $25 – How many times do you have to pick up the phone from the counter while its charging to check a message or see who is calling? Wouldn’t this just make life easier? You can see the phone while on charger without having to use either hand! Win Win!

6. Resistance Band Set: $23 – We love this resistance band set. It is perfect for those days we can’t make it to the gym to workout, we are able to do a complete workout at home. You can find tons of sample resistance band workouts on instagram or pinterest.

7. The RunnerBox: $20 – Sheena is forever looking for healthy snacks that actually taste good, it’s a never ending battle. This box subscription is so cool because they send an awesome sampling of different healthy snacks, bars, protein powders, etc. every month so she can try it all and see what she likes. It is the perfect gift for anyone really.

8. Firewood Soy Candle: $12 – The smell of fire burning is so perfect during the holidays! These candles create the best scent for anyone who either doesn’t have a fireplace or doesn’t want to turn it on and wants the aroma around.

9. PopSocket: $15 – These are so awesome. They are the perfect accessory to any phone or handheld device. It makes holding them so much easier, especially when taking selfies 🙂 The best part is that you can customize them if you are buying for someone specific.

Holiday Gifts -> $25-$50

1. Cooper & Marble Cheese Knives: $39 – These beautiful knives are a perfect gift to the host and hostess of the group. The simplicity and modern cuts are a sure fire like.

2. Alexa Echo Dot: $30 –  Everyone loves Alexa and almost everyone has Alexa. We love the dot because it is so perfect for bedrooms (especially kids bedrooms) and the size is mini.

3. Moscow Mule Mugs: $29 – These mugs are so pretty and so useful to almost anyone. We feel like household items are a good gift that works for people across the board.


4. Love your Melon Beanie: $30 – We love love love these beanie hats! They are so comfy, so warm and so pretty! There are tons of options, colors and styles – it would be a fit for anyone. The best part about them is that half their price is donated to children with cancer! Now that is the perfect reason to add them to your gift list! It’s the gift that keeps giving.

5. Instax Mini Instant Camera: $50 – This old school style camera is so fun to have around. It prints instant pictures on polaroids and is so fun to use when you have company over. We use it for almost every party we host!

6. Moma Color Cube Clock: $48 – These modern cube clocks are so fun and cute. Anyone can throw them around the house and not look like too much clutter. They work great for offices and bedrooms as well.


7. Hydro Flask Water Bottle: $40 – Sheena is obsessed with these water bottles. All her crossfit friends use them so she thought she would give it a try. They really keep the water freezing cold the entire day, which is great. She is also bad about drinking water through the day, so she loves that it is 32oz, which she tries to finish in the day. Tip: It’s on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods for $30 right now 🙂

8. Beeropoly: $35 – When monopoly marries beer, you know that’s going to be a good time! This is the perfect game gift for friends and family.

9. Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf: $48 – This scarf is like butter around the neck. It is so comfortable and warm. Who doesn’t need a new scarf every winter? Not us! 🙂

Holiday Gifts -> $50 and above

1. Minipresso Travel Espresso Maker: $60 – God sent! This travel espresso maker is the perfect gift for those friends or family that are always on the road.

2. Smartphone Portable Charger: $50 – A battery backup charger that charges up for up to 3 days? Yes, please! We all know how painful it is to be stuck with a cell phone with no battery or an iPad that has died at the same exact moment our kids are having a meltdown. This lifesaver helps get everyone through those moments.

3. Electric Salt & Pepper Shakers: $90 – Everything rose gold is just beautiful and these salt and pepper shakers are no exception. These could be a perfect addition to anyones homes and so functional.


4. Instant Pot: $99 – Everyone is on board with the phenomenon of the Instant Pot. It is almost 100% guaranteed that every single person has liked, tagged, saved or written down an instapot recipe they have seen online or heard about and vowed to try it once they buy the pot.

5. Marble & Copper Board with Knife: $50 – An addition to someones kitchen is a sure fire. This gorgeous board is a fun piece that could fit into anyones kitchen.

6. Hot Chocolate Gift Set: $60 – If you haven’t tried the Jacques Torres hot chocolate, you are missing out. It is just divine and we are sure that anyone who gets this would be in heaven.

7. Ugg Slippers: $80 – We are in loveee with these comfy slippers. They are unisex and so durable, we have had them for years and they are still in great shape. Even though shoes are a tough gift, house slippers are a round about size so most likely they will work for at least one person in the group.

8. Packable Travel Bag: $58 – Everyone and anyone can use an extra travel bag, especially when they can pack it up if not using it. Trips are always so unpredictable, so its great to have that extra luggage. Nina swears by having these.

9. Hunter Bubble Umbrella: $60 – We love these bubble umbrellas and the coverage they provide, especially because we can fit all of our kids and ourselves under it. Let’s be serious, in the Spring season, everyone can make great use of these.

We hope you enjoyed our 2017 adult gift guide. We try to change it up every year so that we aren’t repeatings gifts for all of our family and friends. Stay tuned for our kids gift guide.

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