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Head Chain- DIY


Wedding season is in full effect and we are back to our DIY antics! From one of our very first posts, you know Nina and Dipti love headpieces, and simple and chic ones are hard to find all the time. So Nina decided to MAKE one. It is actually very simple and quick to do. Be sure to take a look at the tutorial below. A head chain really does add a whole new dimension to a look, and when you can make it yourself, the options are limitless! She picked up a long, gold, disc chain from Forever21 and got to work! What do you think of this DIY?




The Steps:

hairchaingrid0All you need is a chain, two pliers and a small jewelry cutter.

hairchaingrid1Measure your head circumference with the chain and mark it by closing your hook at that spot. Place this part at the back of your head (see picture above) and then bring forward the extra part that would be hanging past the circle.

hairchaingrid2After draping the straight portion across the diameter of your circle (easier to do this while keeping the necklace on your head) and bringing it to the front of your head, mark the spot where the chains meet. Cut open the small link at the end of the chain and remove the extra links beyond what you need. Fasten that link with your two pliers to the link that is exactly in the middle of that part. As shown in the picture above.

hairchaingrid3Once fastened, your head piece is complete.

Our biggest tip here is when looking for the chain to make the headpiece, make sure the chain has these small links in between that you can work with. Make sure to tag us with your DIY headpieces at @runwaysandrattles!

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