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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!



You have all been introduced to Mommy Vaid throughout this blog.  She is the inspiration, the passion, and the courage behind everything we do. People always say daughters are their daddy’s little girls, which is definitely true about us too! But the relationship we have with Mommy Vaid is beyond being her girls… We’re best friends, we’re each other’s support, and most of all, and what you get to see a lot of, we’re each other’s “how-to” guides!  In honor of Mother’s day coming up, we wanted to share some of our special “mommy” moments with you!  As we’re sure everyone feels on this special day, it’s impossible to express how we feel about the moms in our lives who give us everything and ask for nothing in return (except mommy Vaid wanting an iPhone cover – she can’t seem to find one she likes!) Here are a few of our favorite moments with mommy Vaid, our beautiful mother in law and our special V-Nani… Share your special “mommy” moments with us too!

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