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Gown Fit For a Gala


Sheena recently attended a charity gala hosted by one of her dear friends and was sure that everyone would be dressed to the nines. So she went out on a hunt to find something that was classy, but also edgy and sophisticated. That is when she found this stunner, a two piece ball gown that gave her the exact look she was in search for. A little edge with the bare midriff and the classy sophistication of a long, poofy skirt. She added a statement necklace to the look to finish if off. The perk is that this look is also a great Indo-Western transitional piece for side events like sangeet, mendhi, cocktail party, and even for a reception, that’s why we plan on rocking this entire outfit in upcoming weddings we have to attend next year. What do you think – is this ensemble gala-worthy or would you have picked something more traditional?




P.S. This outfit is now on sale! Score!


2 Comments on “Gown Fit For a Gala

  1. Pankti Gala says:

    Ahh love love love this!! Wish I was taller though 🙁 the price is perfect too!

  2. While i do love the dress, its 185 dollars!!! I think you could have chosen something more costly friendly as not all of us can blow 200 dollars for fun like that. Maybe next time put something in a better price range?

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