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Garba – Traditional


Hello all! We’re back with Part II of our Navratri feature! We thought it would be a fun idea to dedicate one day a week of this month to celebrate this upcoming festival that is so full of life, dance and music. As you know, one of our favorite ways to celebrate Navratri is to break out all of our fun chaniya cholis! Last week we showed you one of our favorite “inbetweeny” garba outfits, which wasn’t super traditional like this one and wasn’t ultra modern like we will show you in the upcoming weeks. As you can see, the traditional chanya cholis are in a class of their own! The ethnic design on the fabric and accessories hanging from the corners of the chundri add a special feeling of being from the local villages of India.  We also like to add traditional silver jewelry (like the kandhoro around the waist, and the choker set) to complete the entire look! Garba time is probably the only chance we get to wear these super traditional chanya cholis so of course we’re going to take full advantage! What do you think of this one?






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