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Forget me Not

indiausthree{1997 – Our first visit to Jaipur, India}

Would you be shocked if we told you the first time we ever went to India was in 1997? As infatuated and in love with the culture as we are, you would have thought we were born and raised there! However, with our parents running their own businesses here in America and the rest of our family living in London, we never had the opportunity to go sooner. Being brought up in Edison, NJ, sure, the culture always surrounded us and, as most of you know, the exposure was abundant. But there is nowhere in the world like beautiful India. After our first trip, we were hooked. Since then we have been several times and to say we LOVE every minute is an understatement.  We can now carve our way around the streets, yell at a cabbie for taking the wrong way, and bargain up a storm for a pair of bangles! We love the food, the culture, the architecture, the people and of course the shopping!! There are certain things that we will never leave India without! So much so that Dipti went for a week recently and as hectic as the trip was, made sure to stock up on our essentials! Check out our list! Share in the comments section some of your favorite things to bring back when you go to visit!


indiapurseindiagrid4indianscarvesindiagrid0indiagrid7 indiastore

Here’s our list:

  1. A fun, funky and unique pair of shoes (or two, or three).
  2. A handbag/clutch to accessorize with on Indian or American clothes!
  3. Bangles, Bangles and more Bangles…A girl can never have enough.
  4. We love the exquisite patterns of the scarves or pashminas and always end up bringing back a handful!
  5. We are obsessed with the zig zag comb headbands we can only find in India! Unbelievably, they are mostly sold by street vendors!
  6. Bindis! We always end up misplacing or loosing them through wears, so we always stock up on these when in India.
  7. Three words – Lakme Liquid Eyeliner. Our most favorite eyeliner ever! So smooth, so rich and so perfect! The brush is super thin and glides on very easy. The color we love is the black, however, it also comes in brown and midnight blue.
  8. We always come back with an assortment of embroidery and beads to mess around with on our own.
  9. Last, but not least…A few new outfits to add to the ever growing wardrobe. We always pay a visit to our favorite shops. A must for us is a visit to the local markets, there are always interesting finds there!

Be sure to share below your favorite things to bring back from the motherland…

Shoes Image:B.Bubble / Scarves Image:Rukasu / Shop Image:Anita Dongre / Embroidery Image:ArtFire