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Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – 32 Weeks

32 weeks

When: Month 7

This month Bobo entered his third trimester in mommy’s belly.  It’s been a whirlwind since! Bobo was showered with love and affection by all of his closest family and friends (this kid is so lucky already!).  Bobo went from being the size of cabbage to a coconut to now a jicama! He is on a roll! He also moves SO much more – to the point where he ends up under my ribs and I literally have to push him down! I can just imagine the kind of antics my little one is going to be up to when he’s here!  He had the most amazing holiday season also with all the desserts and gifts from his friends and family!



Third trimester has been nothing but a ball of anxiety! In the first part of the month we had our baby shower. If you know me at all, you know that I never wanted a baby shower and despise everything about them. Having that in mind, my family was so amazing in making sure there was nothing cheesy and baby about it! It was such an incredible day – I am so lucky to have the love of so many people! On a less flowery note, lately I’ve been convinced that people have lost all sense of filtering what they say to pregnant people. Please, we know how we look and we know we’re getting bigger – be kind!!


Ugh, I love my family!! They were amazing during the whole baby shower thing knowing that I was not interested in it at all! Now that we’re in our third trimester Baby Daddy has been talking about taking time off work and how we’re going to figure all that out – he’s such a planner, I can’t wait to see what he’s like when Bobo comes and ruins all of his plans!  The 3 of us also had our first Lamaze class this month. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Baby Daddy was all about the tons and tons of information they gave. I, on the other hand, left there more anxious than I’ve ever felt throughout this pregnancy! I hope they just showed us the worst of it and real life ends up being a lot easier (i.e. the baby just slides out without any problem – right?). I also can’t wait for this upcoming month since Nina Masi has gifted Bobo his nursery! She’s so good at what she does (as you may remember from the twins’ nursery)!


Due to the wonderful comments I get about my growing body, I have started to wear looser clothing that doesn’t really accentuate any part of my body.  The wrap-around dresses with thick tights help to serve that purpose. I also started wearing these awesome pom pom scarves that are so bright in color and definitely add more to my go-to all black outfit. I also had a really hard time with my baby shower dress and ended up with two top contenders – one form fitting white dress and the other was a super flowy emerald green dress (I know, that’s how indecisive I was). I ended up doing my maternity photo shoot in the white and wore the green to the baby shower and I think it worked out perfectly!  You saw some of the baby shower pictures here, and I’ll soon be sharing some of the photo shoot pictures too!

We are in the final stretch here and looking forward to Bobo’s arrival. Preparations are in full swing right now! Follow me on instagram @therealdipti to see how the nursery is coming along and what other things we’re doing in preparation of my darling’s arrival. I will also be sharing my top baby registry items soon, so keep a look out for that (especially those mommies who are stuck on what to register for)!

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