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Dipti’s Last Week Of Pregnancy

Dipti, Sachin, and Diav are in their last week as a small family of 3 and emotions are running high – for everyone! Dipti is naturally a wreck as her hormones get the best of her, Sach is nervous about work and new baby, and Diav is super excited about a new baby to smother (though he’s not too thrilled with the amount of attention the baby is already getting)! 

All the Feels

Of course the second pregnancy has been nothing like the first. Dipti grew exponentially faster with the second one, making the weight bearing quite difficult to begin with! She also had tons of annoying reactions to the pregnancy too – acid reflux, tons of tummy cramps, and general fatigue. Running around after a toddler got much harder as she the baby grew. Luckily she has her inlaws and parents who take D for a few days at a time to give her those essential breaks during this pregnancy. However, thankfully the baby is happy and healthy so Dipti is just bearing it as much as she can. Emotionally, she’s been a mess. She prays every day that #2 is just like Diav as a newborn – sleeps the majority of the time and eats well. She knows it’s probably highly unlikely that she gets lucky twice but hey, one can hope! She also doesn’t know how she’s ever going to love the baby as much as she loves D. Yes, she has a special relationship with D that involves as much irritation as it does love, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything else. She wants to be able to give the baby the same attention she gave D and hopes that she can make that happen with the two of them! She has seen from Sheena and Nina how hard it is to manage individual relationships with the children when there are multiple, so she is hopeful for the best and is willing to give it her all.

Sachin has been keeping his calm throughout the pregnancy. Of course he has moments of “wth are we going to do when there’s two of them?” but generally those pass with “we have time to figure it out….” Well, the time is coming and we haven’t really figured it out, but assuming we’ll get there! He’s also been super busy at work, so the stress of being home for the new baby, Dipti and Diav is starting to take a little toll. He’s planned to take the week of the hospital off, plus a few days the following week, but he recalls what a mess Dipti was emotionally after Diav was born so he’s trying to get a lot done now so he has some wiggle room when the time comes.

Diav! This guy is a whirlwind of emotions. First he’s 2. That says enough about what he’s going through outside of the baby stuff. He’s opinionated, he’s stubborn, and he loves throwing his tantrums. He also is super emotional, is learning to say what he wants, and wants daddy and mommy at all times! Add the baby factor alongside this guy is the perfect storm! Diav absolutely loves little babies – he obsesses over Nesa all day long, if he’s not with her he wants to watch videos of her, and if he is with her he wants to hug and kiss her. Super cute, but also kind of nerve wrecking since he doesn’t know how gentle he has to be with a newborn! On the flip side, no matter how much he loves Nesa, sharing his stuff is not an option. Currently his most used word is “mine” so… ya. But we’re all trying to put some boundaries up when it comes to baby’s stuff, lets see how that goes! It will forever be an evolving relationship of brothers, and we look forward to guiding them both through it as well as watching it unfold.

The Prep

In terms of getting ready for baby, the focus is to make the transition as seamless and natural as possible for all of us. Dipti and Sachin have been talking about baby here and there, telling Diav that he’s coming soon, asking him which toys he wants to share with baby (he has some he wants to and some baby is absolutely not allowed to touch)! They are also letting Diav put baby’s rocker and pack n play in its spots so that he feels involved in baby’s coming home. They talk about which songs Diav will sing to baby and which books they should all read to him. He’s been loving the process of making decisions for when the baby comes, hopefully making it a less of a shock when he comes!

The parents’ own prep has been much of prepping Diav but also getting the house ready for another newborn! They had to move Diav into another bedroom a long time ago as they have noise issues in the nursery. So now they have to revisit the noise issue and figure out a way to quiet down the room as they’re running out of space! They gave Nina all the toys and rockers and godiyus when Nesa was born so now the fam is busy sending everything back to their house (last switch hopefully)! Other than that, the parents are revisiting their hospital bags and taking out all that they didn’t need!

Dipti and Sachin have thought about everything they can do to make baby’s arrival as smooth as possible with a 2 year old at home. If you have suggestions, they’re definitely looking for them! Any sure fire hits that worked with your toddlers? Any suggestions on keeping the toddler from smothering the baby?

Oh name? Well, Dipti and Sachin had a favorite name picked out, then they decided to tell the family who all vetoed it in a hot second. So they’re currently back to the drawing board. We’ll keep you guys updated when they finalize one!

Stay tuned for the arrival of our #8!

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