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Dad's 60th – Personal Touches


Last year our handsome, forever loving Dad turned 60 (going on 30)! Mommy Vaid and her 3 girls (that’s us!) hosted a casino themed party where we rented tables, had a whiskey bar, a hookah lounge and a professional cigar roller all under one tent! We did a lot of DIY’s for this party because we wanted to give it a very personal feel. And let us tell you, even the smallest personal touch left a huge impression. For one of our projects, we gathered extremely old pictures of him, the family, and his friends and hung them around the party. Everyone couldn’t stop looking at them and the best part – some guests were in pictures from 40 years ago! It was such a delight to see and really added so much more to the party. Take a look at some of our other ideas and party pictures!







Photos by Thomas Appleton


3 Comments on “Dad's 60th – Personal Touches

  1. you all are too cute! love the last pic!! so chic 🙂

  2. Y’all are the cutest family! Spamming your site with my comments now heehee

  3. Great idea. .. But we want to know how you made all these home made Deco. . Including many you have done in the past… like the invitations etc. ..Maybe an online workshop on some of these ideas. . Please!

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