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Copper Cleaning Hack


You guys are probably thinking, “are these girls are crazy?!” Well the answer is yes! We are all neat freaks and obsessed with everything being clean (all thanks to Mommy Vaid, of course.) So needless to say, we scrub all our pots and pans until they are shining bright every time we use them and sometimes even if they haven’t been used in a while. We know, crazy. In the same manner, we also love to keep all of our household items spic and span, including all copper and silver. When we used to live at home, Mommy Vaid spent a lot of time teaching us her cleaning hacks which we now can’t live without!  One thing she taught us and stuck with us was a quick and EASY way to make all of our copper items shiny again! Here is our step by step tutorial. Be sure to tag us on instagram, facebook or twitter with @runwaysandrattles with your bright, like new copper items.


Start with three basic things, 1. salt, 2. half a slice of lemon and 3. your copper item. Cover the lemon with a good amount of salt.


Scrub the lemon all over the copper item, giving it a rather hard scrub. Be sure to keep reapplying the salt onto the lemon as soon as you see it decreasing. Be sure to also scrub the inside of any copper item to remove any blackness.

lemonsaltcopper3Rinse the copper item with water and dry with a paper towel. Here is a before and after shot of the difference the lemon/salt combo makes. See how the blackness and spots have disappeared with this simple solution!


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