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Bobo’s Cousins – Micro Fashion Edition


As you all know, Dipti and Sachin had their baby shower puja this past weekend. We already showed you what the mommies wore here, now take a look at our adorable kiddos in their gear. Sheena and Nina are still obsessed with dressing their kids the same, even though their personalities are day and night compared to each other!

During Sheena’s recent trip to India, she bought these handsome little matching outfits for the boys and adorable little anarkalis for the girls. She was instructed by the kids that she must come back with new clothes for all of them (by now you know that we have a bunch of divas on our hands)! The boys especially wanted new “Indian shoes” to match their outfits, which Sheena was able to find in Bandra. Tip: For those mom’s with boys, when you buy these mojri’s for the kids, always make sure to get two sizes larger, because the front is so pointed the kids’ feet do not fit all the way to the top.





The girls had a different story the morning of the shower. Sheena had bought them matching outfits in different colors. However, both of them had a “preference” of what they wanted to wear which was not the plan! Naya insisted on purple and Niva insisted on green. They were not the matching set, but since they are Vaid girls with demands, she let them be. Nevertheless, they looked adorable in their outfits. When it’s cold outside, Nina always puts a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath to keep them warm and instead of the pants to the outfits, she puts on matching leggings.




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