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Baby Cough Remedy


As you guys know from previous posts (i.e. “congestion relief” and “kohl”), we tend to avoid OTC medicines when it comes to the kids. Although we understand that medication is necessary for some things in life, we prefer to find natural remedies for the babies for as many things as we can. When our littles ones have a cough it is plain torture. As a parent (or even grand-parent) to listen to those little ones day and night, it breaks our hearts. As soon as our mom hears our little ones coughing, she comes running over with a bottle of honey! An all-natural remedy for a cough we (taught by Mommy Vaid) like to give the kids is Pure Buckwheat Honey mixed with some Indian ingredients that are a sure way to help in the curing process (check out the steps below).



  1. Inside a small container, with a garlic press, squeeze the juice out of a small piece of adu (ginger).
  2. Add a tiny bit of hurder (tumeric)
  3. Add a tiny bit of ghee (clarified butter)
  4. Add two tablespoons of the buckwheat honey
  5. Mix it all in a small container and keep it covered.
  6. We give a quarter of a teaspoon spoon full to kids three times a day to subside the cough.

Please keep in mind that we started this remedy for coughs only after our littles one turned 18 months old. A warning before you try this at home: Honey under the age of 1 causes a risk of botulism. You can read more about that here and here.

As always we advise that you use all of our remedies with discretion for your child and if you’re ever unsure check with your pediatrician first.

6 Comments on “Baby Cough Remedy

  1. Neelam Chugh says:

    Hi Ladies, never heard of Buchkwheat honey. so can I use ordinary honey.

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Buckwheat honey is suppose to be the most effective for the cough (we bought it from whole foods), however, plain honey would work as well.

  2. Monika Patel says:

    hey ladies! love your blogs! question – would this work on a 37 week pregnant mommy-to-be with a nasty cough/head cold? I typically drink honey, turmeric, with water or milk. I used to add ajmo but couldnt stand the smell of it for the first 25 weeks so i got rid of it all. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Hi Monika. Thanks for your kind words. Neither one of us tried it on ourselves while we were pregnant, but we do use it for ourselves when we come down with a nasty cough and it works! I would check with your OB that these ingredients are ok to take while pregnant and if you get the go ahead from them, then definitely try it.

      1. Yes, it is safe to eat honey during pregnancy. Honey poses a risk to infants under 1 year old because it may contain spores of bacteria that cause botulism. Botulism bacteria thrive in areas with low acidity. In infants, these spores can survive and cause disease because the acidity of a baby’s digestive tract is not high enough to destroy the spores. The acidity of an adult digestive tract is high enough to kill the spores, so a pregnant woman who eats honey is not putting her baby at any risk.

      2. Monika Patel says:

        So I made the mixture yesterday and it tasted Yummy! I had to put a table of hot water to melt the ghee and honey. My midwife and doula are okay with all natural ingredients. Ginger was the only thing I couldn’t handle during 1st Trimester but i actually enjoyed the ginger juice in your remedy. I am about to make a dose for today! Thanks Ladies! Officially 38 weeks today so it’s almost baby time!

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