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Around the Waist


Who doesn’t love to accessorize their standard outfits? Adding a little “oomph” to your waist is always fun! In true fashion of transforming our wardrobes, we like to use necklaces as belts to put around our saris. Quite often we find ourselves annoyed with the palu (the part that hangs off the shoulder) swinging around when we’re walking and falling out of place. It makes the whole look of our sari messy.  A common way we avoid this problem is to add a belt around our upper waist (in line with the bottom of our blouse) on top of the sari. We also tighten the look by wrapping a belt around our waist to make the sari form fitting.  Instead of going out and finding a belt, Dipti decided to use a long chain that she picked up at an accessories store in the mall. It makes for a unique belt and ties in well with the design on the sari. See how we wear them both ways, as a belt and as a necklace. Tweet us your looks at @RunwaysRattles






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  1. Elisha Gada says:

    You looking stunning Dipti!

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