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Another Little Present On Its Way


You probably guessed right! Our family is expecting our 7th little addition to the Vaid clan this April and couldn’t be more thrilled! Nina, Neal, and the girls have been over the moon about their third addition (technically fourth as Nylo is truly their first baby). They’ve decided to torture us all and not find out the gender of the baby – making it all the more fun (or annoying) – although you know us three are secretly hoping for our mini-me’s!!

As you all know, we celebrate Diwali by getting all of our family and friends together for a puja. Nina was nervous about her Diwali look this year with her growing baby bump and the thought of putting a sari on around it! Well, Dipti and her weird techniques found a way to make a sari around a baby belly look adorable! She took a ribbon from a dress (or this or this or simply ribbon from the Christmas section at any store) and decided to wrap it around Nina’s waist, right above the bump to accentuate her little munchkin. The sari ended up looking put together and the bump had it’s very own accessory!




What do you think about this look? Are you loving it as much as we are?! We love that you can pull off this look at any stage of your pregnancy, and even if you are not pregnant. You can also use this look with a lengha, salwar kameez suit, or even a dress! It’s so versatile that we are sure you will find a way to wear it! Make sure to link us so we can see how you showed off your little present! @runwaysandrattles or #runwaysandrattles!




3 Comments on “Another Little Present On Its Way

  1. Will Nina be doing a pregnancy dairy as well? Would love to read hers as well 🙂

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Unfortunately Nina didn’t log her pregnancy, but she will be posting a home stretch update very soon. Keep it right here…Thanks for following 🙂

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