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Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower


Alice in Wonderland, the bridal shower story! Two years ago, we were honored to host an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower for our cousin / 4th sister, Krishna. She is obsessed with everything Alice and the three of us were completely clueless (we are more knowledgeable about Bollywood of course). Nonetheless, we put our creative minds together, with A LOT of help from Pinterest, to throw her the shower of her dreams – with a slight Indian touch of course! To our surprise, we ended up having an amazing time putting it together, especially with all the fun colors and accessories that go with the theme. Staying true to our style, we did A LOT of DIYs throughout the shower decor and games.


We wanted to create the ultimate Alice In Wonderland dining experience with one longgggg table, decor, bites, champagne and fun! We got a bunch of printed sari’s from Krishna’s mommy’s / our masi’s store (Aanchal Saris) and draped them across the table in small sections along with small pieces on the chair backs. This is where our Indian touch came in. The vibrant colors and patterns helped make the table and theme really pop and made it seem eclectic at the same time, just like our Krishie!


For favors, Sheena created cookies in a jar, aka, “Krishna’s Wonderland Cookies.” She got the mason jars from Michaels and got a recipe off Pinterest that was printed on the back of the top thank you note. Fresh flowers added a nice girly touch…


We gathered a bunch of tea kettles, tea cups, decorative boxes, flowers and pearl strands to adorn the dining and food tables with. Most of the items we were able to find at Home Goods, so we didn’t have to break the bank for the decor (can you spot Nina’s favorite animal in the theme?). We got the actual clear disposable tea cups from Amazon.



Dipti created these ‘Mad Hatter’ signs for around the yard to go along with our theme.


For the finger foods, we stuck as close to the “tea party” theme as possible; small sandwiches, pastries, cookies, scones, etc were served on tiered stands along the table. We even set up a tea station in the bar area!


For one of the games, we had a mad hat decorating contest! Each team of two received a pre-made hat and a bunch of decoration items and glue to create the ultimate hat. Krishna picked the winner for the prize. As you can see it was a difficult decision.

To make these pre-made hats, Sheena bought glittery foam pencil holders from Michaels. She also bought foam glitter sheets from there and with a circle cutter, cut out circles slightly bigger then the circle of the holder. Using a hot glue gun, she glued the pencil holder onto the cut out circle, open side down. On the bottom of the hat, she hot glued a small hair snap clip on to secure the hat to the hair when time came.



We are sure our dear baby sister had an amazing time at her shower and so did we. Let us know your thoughts on this Alice In Wonderland – Indian twist bridal shower theme. You could really use this for any pre-wedding/ pre-baby event!


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