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Accents that Cross Borders



All you really need – a crisp white shirt, jeans and accessories that tie it all together! This would have to be Sheena’s most comfortable outfit (and by far the easiest)! On the other hand, it can also be very boring, so she likes to try a few different ways to make it unique. Her favorite is pairing the outfit with the necklace of a fabulous Indian set and adding a bold cuff on the wrist! See how she pairs it with ethnic wear as well as western wear – either way its a sure fire hit! Check out this latest pairing…what do you think?





Salvar – India / Jeans – 7ForAllMankind / TShirt – Loft / Blazer – Kensie / Jewelry – Nina Jewelers


3 Comments on “Accents that Cross Borders

  1. Kate Felice says:

    Love the styling options you chose for this gorgeous jewelry- Fantastic way to elevate jeans and a T!

    1. Thanks Kate! Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Dipti Vaid Dedhia says:

      Thanks so much Kate!!!

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