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A Pattern Plus a Solid


With the fall in full effect, we are not looking forward to all these beautiful leaves falling off the trees. We thought we would take a shot at capturing these gorgeous colors before they disappear before our eyes. Lucky enough, Sheena got to take advantage of the landscape before heading out to a wedding reception this past weekend. We also got to mess around with the sun and some colors it was giving off during this shoot (you’ll see what we mean below).

So again, we took to mixing and matching our Indian and Western wardrobes, and we think this look came out awesome. We love this printed skirt Dipti picked up in India during her last trip, but we don’t always love wearing the top it came with. This time around, Sheena jumped on the off-the-shoulder trend and paired it with a simple, fitted, black off-the-shoulder top (this one has some great Indian color options and we think this one would look great too!). She added a huge statement necklace that Mommy Vaid made for her which brought the Indian touch into the look and kept it classy. She went minimal with all the other accessories so the necklace would stand out.






Remember when we styled this skirt with a black cape top? It’s so versatile and we love that about this piece. We also love our statement necklaces, remember this one