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A Family Affair


We recently shared our holiday cards with you all, and if you noticed, Sheena and Dipti used pictures from a family photo shoot we all did! Dipti was obsessing over getting the entire family together for one big photo shoot and wanted it to be edgy, sexy and memorable! She knew exactly who would take those pictures for her and so enlisted Ed Zorz (her favorite photographer) to take up the challenge of shooting 22 people! Dipti, as high maintenance as she is, picked navy blue, baby pink, and white as theme colors and demanded formal attire with no exceptions! She even went as far as pre-approving everyone’s outfits before the shoot – crazy! We all went to the Princeton University campus  towards the end of August, so there would be less people around. The entire campus is absolutely gorgeous so we picked a courtyard location so that we would not be creating havoc on campus!


Of course it was a major challenge getting the kids to cooperate in getting their pictures taken. There is not even one shot where they are all looking at the camera smiling! It kind of made the whole experience that much more fun! During the photo shoot Diav was barely 5 months old so we had to bring his Momma & Poppas chair so that someone didn’t have to hold him – and it fit the color scheme perfectly! Sheena got the boys their ensembles from H&M and Zara, Nina purchased the girls dresses from Zara, and Dipti got baby D overalls from H&M.


For the adult pictures, we wanted to go a little edgy instead of the standard posey posey pictures. We loved the clump style picture and decided to do that for the picture of us 3 with the families. This is by far our favorite picture!


Of course no photo shoot is complete without some shots with our men! Sheena chose a classic gown she had purchased many years ago from Lord and Taylor, Nina bought an end of season dress from White House Black Market for a steal, and Dipti got her white dress from The Windsor Store. We accessorized the hubbies ties, pocket squares and linens to match us and the theme!



We hope you enjoyed our family photo shoot! For information on the amazing photographer we used, click here.

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  1. Thank you so much for your trust, company, and shoutout! 🙂 It was a truly pleasant and memorable experience with an incredible family!

    1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      THANK YOU for such an amazing experience and amazing pictures to go along with it!

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